The Crowd' Train Takes the Form

by Ryan Doyle



Album cover layout inspired by Felt's Absolute Classic Masterpieces.


released July 29, 2003

All songs by Ryan Doyle except where noted.


tags: folk


all rights reserved


Ryan Doyle

Hi. Sometimes I write songs.

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Track Name: Peter Blakely
So we’ll make do with what we got
An old photo of Peter in the back of a pickup truck
Got the signs, the tambourines, the rowdy lovers in the street
Who wish the rain on their cheeks were tears

Cause it’s true love, honey
If there were curtains they’d be blowing in the wind
Cause it’s true love, honey
If there was a window there’d be a place for us to sing

Well, if all’s not right then why’s it feel so good
To watch you, babe, while you undress
The sun’s gone to the other side of the sky
It’s not coming back for anything
Not even to describe your face once more
It’s so sad

So as often as lightning
As comforting as cars can be when they’re your only soft goodnight
And I understand the ways the mean guitars are played
By the hardcore kids, all right
Cause the world don’t know what’s right for us
Said it’s tearing at your skin

The world don’t know what’s right
It never knew you like I did
It’s a fine place to go when you’re not going to bed
And it’s all in our heads anyway
So we count our loves and we count our hates
You’re in the mirror now, so in debt
Stroking your fate once more
And it’s so sad.

I walked to the lake and back
I’m trying not to let it show
It’s a path that can take me from where I am
To where I wanna go
Track Name: Traveling Song
I wrote a song called “The Traveling Song”
I played it for my teacher
She said it was a ripoff
A song she used to know
A song she loved in high school
Back when she was with Ainsley
And she could make the flowers bloom with her Chopin nocturnes
She played on her mom’s black baby grand at night
Play it one more time, she said
I miss her laugh the most
Track Name: The Night That Inspired Your Thesis
The night that inspired your thesis was the night the church caught fire And I should have told you my secrets
Unlocked the tabernacle
Let you taste my wine

Burn, burn the missalettes
The whole town smelled of incense

The night that inspired your thesis
Was the night before I had to leave for camp
And if this is what it means to die on Fire Island
Let us stay hungry and naked in your parents’ bed

Dawn, Dawn, don’t leave me here
In this daytime I can’t face myself

Over hills and the nighttime good
Smoke made its way into my window
Still all I could smell was you, babe

The night that inspired your thesis
Was the night after the circus packed up its things and left
You and I stood there in the field in pieces
Paper plates, wet ticket stubs no good
Gone, gone, the circus’ gone
By then it was on its way up to Freehold
Over hills and the nighttime good
The sound of a train came through my window
Still I can hear the acrobats singing their travel songs
Track Name: Ladybug, Ladybug
We stopped telling time
We couldn’t stand to hear ourselves counting up to twelve
By the time you arrived
We started making noise
We couldn’t stand to see ourselves sitting here so bored
We’re not just singing for the Lord
This song’s for the ladybug we found on the ground

Ladybug, ladybug

We used to walk through the park
We used to walk through most any place we wanted
We even slept on the roof when the rain let up
We’d wakeup on the beach
The wind would blow us off the roof
But we would land on our feet
And we’d praise the Lord
And the ladybug we found on the ground

Ladybug, ladybug

Don’t let them disintegrate me
Let the whitewater arms of the bells ring
Track Name: Autopilot
The girl with cherries in her hair
Feathered hats hung on her wall
And songs I’d often sleep near
When I’m feeling sad or alone

Don’t you see the delicate light that hit you
Everything, all the time
I couldn’t wait for your limbs to bend

Hey, I’m a wreck-it-all
Hey, hey, hey, I’m on the floor of your brother’s room

Please, don’t leave so completely
All I got is a voice I can hardly feel
That sings songs so contrived and constructed
About my sad, old heart that refuses to heal

Don’t you know the colors we’ll see when we’re loving
Haven’t felt this alive since I was a boy

Hey, I’m a wreck-it-all
Hey, hey, hey, I’m on the floor of your brother’s room
Hey, I’m a wreck-it-all
Hey, hey, hey, I’m on the floor of all of your rooms, babe
Track Name: But Ours Is To Love
We’re getting married

Our country’s just a mirror of us all
It’s not perfect but very good
Still I can’t stand my reflection

They’ll conduct their annual staff meetings
Entarte kunst
Due to the lack of adequate worship

This love is ours anymore

What would I say if all of my words were spoken?
What would I do if all of my muscles were working?

This love is ours anymore

I’m getting married
Just like my mother did
And my mother’s mother.
Track Name: Wrestling the Russells
Arise, Arise
Wrestling the Russells leaves me bright
Your shoes are tracking mud in all directions
Keep 'em coming

A year and a half spent studying the broken and defeated
You’re humming all your songs
Don’t be ashamed to sing the words
We need them

So goodnight, goodnight
From the tops of trees and one day we’ll be sure again
That we got every window open
And every window open

So goodnight, goodnight
Our record has been played and twice turned over
Calling out your name into this notebook’s empty pages

Shaken from the wheels and I want nothing to be nearer
Shaken from the wheels and I want nothing
Track Name: For D
If you come back later, friend
The fables will all rewrite themselves
And our arms won’t be as vacant as the downtown is

You’ll give all my goodbyes back
And I’ll give you your I love you’s
And you can give them to anyone you choose

You and I met at The Dregs in December
You had tassels and forests and clementines
You cued the smiles and exited the guilt
A folly I felt all my life

Hold on to your skull, you said
But that’s all I had to offer
The smallest room ever rented out
Summer, then came autumn

And all I can say is, La la la la la la la
Cause singing never let you down like I did
Track Name: Down Come the Goalposts
I play that old piano with the damper pedal busted
That gestured to me not to worry so
But I can’t remember pieces I knew before
It’s all right

They sold my piano
They took it away yesterday
And left me with this space in the living room
I’ve never seen something so beautiful be so gone

Tea and sympathy
Can I rest my troubles here?
Shiny, all shiny
Don’t tie your fortunes to the power structure tonight
Under stadium lights shining through my window
Thy kingdom un-comfort
Wild are bees in the summer

"Dawn, I love you" was written on the overpass
Before she washed away all onto the cars
Speeding down 35 I still know who you are
It’s all right

Later that morning I filled up the living room
With a wild love and all my leviathans
Have you ever known someone so beautiful could be so wrong?

Now coke and sympathy
We all rest our troubles here
On the jetties that are overflowing
Where every line comes with its own avalanche

I miss you already
Your Caroline’s my Miss Roma-Scott
I’d scale these city walls if there were city walls
I’d jump this curb and I’d be shiny, all shiny
But there was shit in the gutter of our honeymoon
Why did we bother?
Cause wild are bees in the summer